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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of Disability Insurance?

Disability insurance offers a significant advantage in terms of paycheck protection in the event of disability. By having this insurance, you can find comfort in the knowledge that your family can sustain their financial obligations, such as rent or mortgage payments, even if you are unable to work. Moreover, the presence of personal disability insurance holds value irrespective of any disability benefits received through your employer.

Obtaining your own policy eliminates concerns about sudden loss of coverage when transitioning between employers. As previously mentioned, purchasing disability insurance can help you circumvent the frustrations and delays associated with relying solely on Social Security Disability, only to discover that the Social Security Administration does not deem you disabled according to their criteria.

Can I afford Disability Insurance?

Acquiring a private disability income insurance policy or including disability coverage within a life insurance policy is surprisingly cost-effective for the majority of individuals. The wide range of carriers and products available enables you to customize your policy according to your financial means and requirements. This can be accomplished by adjusting various factors such as the coverage amount, the duration of payment continuation following a disability, the elimination period, and other optional features and benefits offered by the policy.

Given that disability insurance is categorized as a health insurance product designed to safeguard your income, the cost of coverage is determined by factors such as your health condition, lifestyle, occupation, and income level.

Do I qualify for Disability Insurance? / What types of disabilities are covered?

Securing coverage for disability may be more attainable than anticipated, as typically there is no requirement for a physical examination.

Your policy will outline the specific definition of "disability" and any exclusions that may apply. Generally, private disability income insurance policies stipulate that an individual is deemed "disabled" if their physical or mental condition prevents them from performing their current occupation.

When should I buy Disability Insurance?

It is highly advisable to purchase disability insurance while you are in good health. Waiting until your next significant work bonus to acquire coverage is not recommended.

Many policies offer the flexibility to be tailored to your specific needs, including provisions for cost-of-living adjustments. This means that your policy benefits can increase in line with your income over time. By taking action now, you can secure comprehensive coverage and ensure that your future financial well-being is protected.

What are the advantages of Critical Illness Insurance?

One of the primary benefits of a critical illness insurance policy is the reassurance it provides by ensuring that you and your family have access to funds to address your financial obligations in the event of a severe illness. The policy grants you the freedom to determine how the funds are utilized.

You have the flexibility to allocate the money towards various expenses, such as covering treatment costs not covered by your health insurance, fulfilling monthly financial responsibilities, or even replacing your spouse's income so they can devote their time to caring for you. The decision on how to utilize the funds is entirely up to you, empowering you to manage your situation based on your unique circumstances and priorities.

Can I afford Critical Illness Insurance?

Purchasing a critical illness insurance policy can be remarkably budget-friendly, particularly for individuals who are young and in good health at the time of purchase.

When you consider the cost of premiums compared to the potential financial repercussions of being without coverage when it matters most, acquiring critical illness insurance becomes a logical choice.

Do I qualify for Critical Illness Insurance?

Certain policies provide simplified underwriting, which entails answering a series of health-related questions and potentially foregoing a medical examination. However, for more substantial policies that offer larger lump sum benefits, qualifying for coverage typically necessitates medical exams and tests.

Generally speaking, most individuals in good health are eligible for critical illness coverage. It is important to note that since these policies are intended to provide benefits upon diagnosis of a critical illness, they cannot be obtained if you already have a critical illness.

When should I buy Critical Illness Insurance?

Certainly, none of us desire to receive a diagnosis of a critical health condition, but unfortunately, there is no way to guarantee its avoidance.

When it comes to a critical illness policy, the premiums are determined by age, making the purchase of a policy at a younger age even more cost-effective.

What are the advantages of Retirement Protection?

Symmetry Financial Group offers a range of annuity and life insurance products that come with invaluable guarantees, particularly for individuals worried about insufficient retirement income from other avenues.

The great news is that selecting a product with guarantees doesn't require sacrificing the potential for growth in your annuity or cash value life insurance policy.

Can I afford Retirement Protection?

All retirement planning vehicles involve fees and expenses, and retirement protection annuities and insurance products are not an exception.

When you collaborate with Symmetry Financial Group to explore retirement protection options, we will provide a detailed breakdown of the fee structure for different products. We are here to address any inquiries you may have, ensuring that you can make a well-informed decision.

Do I qualify for Retirement Protection?

The majority of annuities used for retirement protection are considered "guaranteed issue" products, meaning they require no underwriting and have a high qualification rate for nearly everyone.

In contrast, to qualify for an IUL (Indexed Universal Life) policy, which includes a life insurance component, you must meet the insurance company's underwriting criteria. However, it's worth noting that many IUL policies do not mandate a medical examination, which can save you time throughout the application process.

When should I buy Retirement Protection?

When it comes to saving for retirement, the optimal moment to acquire retirement protection via annuities or life insurance is now.

Typically, individuals purchase annuities before reaching retirement age. It's essential to note that annuity products often entail surrender charges during a specific time frame following the initial purchase. Understanding how each policy handles withdrawals, particularly in the early years of the contract, is crucial when evaluating different options.

Considering an IUL (Indexed Universal Life) policy, the cost you incur is partially determined by your age at the time of purchase due to its life insurance component. The younger you are, the more affordable the premiums become. This means you have the potential to allocate additional funds towards the policy's cash value, which can be utilized during your retirement.

What are the advantages of the SmartStart plan?

The SmartStart program has garnered immense popularity among clients for various compelling reasons. Firstly, this plan ensures the future insurability of your child, regardless of potential medical issues that may arise. As a result, your child's family can experience peace of mind, knowing that death benefits will be accessible in the unfortunate event of the worst-case scenario.

Beyond being a simple life insurance plan, SmartStart offers much more. The cash value component of the policy grows tax-free, providing an additional advantage. Moreover, the potential returns on these savings typically surpass those offered by banks or other guaranteed financial instruments. The policy's growth is tied to the performance of multiple indexes (with the ability to choose from), while eliminating market risk. This combination allows your funds to benefit from upside potential while preserving your principal.

Importantly, the accumulated cash value can be utilized for any purpose your child chooses as an adult. It can contribute to financing college expenses, starting a business, purchasing a home, funding a wedding, and even covering retirement expenses in later years.

Can I afford SmartStart?

The premium payments for life insurance on a healthy child are surprisingly affordable when you apply.

Moreover, the extra portion of your regular payments is specifically structured to facilitate the tax-free growth of the policy's cash value, which can be withdrawn by your child for future needs. SmartStart policies are designed to be flexible, catering to both your savings goals and budgetary considerations.

Do I qualify for SmartStart?

The primary focus of the SmartStart plan is providing life insurance coverage for your child, prioritizing their well-being.

Therefore, the qualification process for the plan depends on your child's health status at the time of application.

In general, the SmartStart plan offered by Symmetry Financial Group is accessible to the majority of children, with favorable qualification outcomes.

When should I buy SmartStart?

The optimal moment to commence the SmartStart program for your child is now, as the cost of the insurance component increases with their age.

Moreover, starting early allows more time for the funds set aside in the cash value component of the policy to accumulate and grow. Harnessing the power of time in conjunction with the SmartStart plan can lead to remarkable outcomes. While the returns are indexed to the market, it's important to note that no one can guarantee the exact amount your child will have when it's time to access the cash value for college expenses.

The SmartStart life insurance policy offers the potential for significant growth, providing your child with the advantageous head start they deserve.

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